SoloFit® Hoodless Toga

The SoloFit® Hoodless Toga

Adding efficiency to the operating room

SoloFit®’s unique 360-degree coverage increases total-body protection and safety by reducing risk from inadvertent backside contamination, which is often prevalent with traditional open-back gowns on the market today.

SoloFit’s innovative self-donning design no longer requires OR staff to wait for an assistant to assist with the donning process. This allows ancillary OR staff more time to focus on their primary responsibilities during the most hectic part of a surgical procedure.

Hoodless Toga
SoloFit Surgical Toga, Hoodless
SoloFit Surgical Toga, Hoodless

SoloFit® Hoodless Toga delivers 360-degree total front and back sterile protection.
At ORI, We’ve Got Your Back™

The patented SoloFit® Hoodless Toga has received independent verification from multiple surgical teams that it outperforms standard surgical gowns. SoloFit® has received high marks for:


Sterile-to-sterile donning requires only one assistant, allowing other surgical staff to direct their attention to patient care needs.


By design, SoloFit’s 360-degree complete front and back coverage greatly decreases inadvertent backside contamination, often prevalent with traditional “open back “gowns, allowing surgical staff to be more confident in the OR environment. SoloFit’s self-donning feature also decreases OR traffic, further enhancing sterility.


Available in multiple sizes and lengths, SoloFit® accommodates all body types. Additionally, the shoulder strap allows for a custom fit for every body type.

During trials, in a setting of four or more OR personnel, SoloFit® self-donning feature saved 10+ minutes of OR time;
resulting in thousands of dollars in savings annually.

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Watch our video for instructions on the procedures for donning the SoloFit® gown

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