Mission: Design innovative operating room solutions to enhance safety,
medical outcomes, and business performance

SoloFit® Hoodless Toga

Similar to Stryker Toga, and Surgeons Vest

SoloFit® Hoodless Toga is the next generation of personal protection equipment designed to increase effectiveness of sterile technique, OR efficiency, and safety for patients and staff.

DropStop® Securing Kit

Similar to Surgical smoke evacuation systems

DropStop® helps you save time and money by securing expensive instruments on the sterile field right where you place them, helping cut the costs of replacing sterile disposable instruments that fall to the floor during surgery.

Our Values


Design with commitment to improve wellbeing of patients and staff


Create products with focus on improving workflow and outcomes


Innovate products to improve performance and reduce cost

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Designed by Surgeons for Surgeons

Operating Room Innovations, Inc. was founded by two orthopedic surgeons and two operating room scrub technicians, with 80 years of combined operating room experience. Inspired by personal experience and feedback from other like-minded healthcare professionals, ORI’s products continue to be Designed by Surgeons for Surgeons with the primary goal to deliver highly-effective OR solutions dedicated to improve patient outcomes, workflow efficiencies, and operating room budgets.

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