DropStop® Securing Kit

DropStop® Securing Kit

Improve safety, efficiency, and business performance by preventing unplanned drops of expensive sterile surgical devices

DropStop® Securing Kit is a cost-efficient sterile securing kit designed to safely hold surgical tools or tubing in place, preventing sterile items from falling outside the sterile field or onto the patient, preventing burns, costly delays, potential infections, and unplanned cost.

Optimizes workflow – Improves sterile field organization and efficiency by securing sterile tools, cautery, and instruments close at hand.

Reduces cost – Secures surgical instruments, tools, and tubing during cases, eliminating dropped, damaged or contaminated surgical tools.

Safety – Effectively secures frequently used surgical tools within reach, allowing surgical team to focus on the procedure and patient, preventing burns, costly delays, and potential infections.

Customization – Can be placed anywhere on the surgical field, drape or surgical gown. Surgical instruments secured at immediate point of care where and when you need them.

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DropStop® Securing Kit Instructions for Use

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