Modular Toga

MODULAR TOGA Similar to Stryker Toga, and Surgeons Vest

Modular Toga revolutionizes infection management in the operating room by drastically lowering airborne particle concentrations and offering the only sterile-to-sterile gowning capability with complete back protection.

The Modular Toga  from OR Innovations combines our 360-degree coverage SoloFit® gown with our OmniHood to deliver a clear choice in personal protection.

Performance and Value:

  • Cost-effective PPE solution to maximize your supply chain budget
  • Superior head-to-toe coverage with no zippers or “open back gap” to deal with
  • Efficient contamination protection from inadvertent “backside” exposure and exposure to microorganisms & pathogens that can lead to unwanted infections

At ORI, We’ve Got Your BackTM

Manufactured to meet the rigorous standards of AAMI

Meets Standards

Meets the rigorous standards of AAMI 4 material requirements per ASTM F1670 and ASTM F1671.

Breathable & Comfortable

Our cool, light-weight, soft, and breathable fabric provides the highest-quality microbial barrier protection.

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Watch our instructional video for an overview of the ORI Modular Toga

Watch our instructional video for an overview of the ORI Modular Toga with Assist

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