Direct Anterior Hip Specialty Drape


Operating Room Innovations’ Specialty Drape for Direct Anterior Hip was Designed by Surgeons for Surgeons

ORI’s Direct Anterior Hip Drape’s unique one-piece drape enhances safety for the patient and staff by maximizing coverage and protection from contamination. The large drape size, significantly reduces excess draping motions, prep times, and disturbance to airflow, resulting in improved workflow and patient outcomes with less risk to infection.


Designed to prevent contamination, microbial infection and spread of disease


  • Direct Anterior Hip drapes overall size measures 120″x 174″ with bilateral surgical field fenestration ports
  • Bilateral fluid collection pouches
  • Drape Fabric is:
    • Resistant to tears, abrasions and strikethroughs
    • Flame resistant for use around lasers and other electrical instruments
    • Low lint particle contamination reducing the risk of airborne bacterial transmissions
    • Latex Free
Part # Description Packing
ORI-SDL-DAHIP ORI-Specialty Drape Line – Direct Anterior Hip (Hip Drape 120″x 174″ w/o Leggings) STERILE 5 Per Case
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Watch our instructional video for an overview of the ORI Specialty Drape

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